Hospice and Palliative Care of the Wood River Valley offers a wide range of services. Access to care and programs is a priority for us, as are the clinical competencies of our staff and volunteers. You can be confident that the care you or your loved one receives will be of the highest quality and reflect the latest treatment and research. The hospice philosophy is predicated on patient/family control and choice. You and your family are always the center of our care. Your wishes and choices will be honored. We pride ourselves on commitment to your needs, competency and confidentiality.

The area we service: Click to see (map)

Clinical Care Services:

  • Hospice Care is provided to adults of any age and children with a life-limiting illness that have chosen to forgo further curative treatment and seek quality of life. Expert management of pain and other unpleasant symptoms, support &n respite for their families, guidance about caregiving, home medical equipment and supplies are part of our care. We seek to meet individual needs and will design a plan of care that is tailored to you and your family, working in close consultation and coordination with your private physician. Emotional support, spiritual care and physical assistance are all part of our hospice care. The ability to die at home in familiar surroundings with loved ones close by can be accomplished with the support of hospice care. Hospice care can be provided in your place of residence, at the hospital, at an Assisted Living facility or skilled nursing facility. Bereavement support is offered for one year to the family following the death of a loved one. 

  • Palliative Care is provided to adults and children who are being treated for a life-limiting illness and want to improve the quality of their life. Pain management and symptom control, a support system to help patients live as actively as possible as well as help the family cope during the patient’s illness and assist with patient goals and planning. Palliative care can be beneficial even from the time of diagnosis.

Immediate ReponseFor Sudden Death:

  • Immediate Response 24/7 for any sudden/accidental death.
  • Nurse and/or Social worker respond on scene for immediate support to family
  • Core Loss Team is activated as needed for larger community grief support
  • Through Community Loss Team provide school and workplace grief support

Click on: Core Loss Team Flow Chart

Click on: 5B Suicide Preventation Alliance

Bereavement Services:

HPCWRV offers an extensive array of bereavement services for adults and children. Anyone in the community may access the programs that are provided.

  • 4-week Bereavement Support Groups – offered in the Spring and Fall
  • Individual bereavement counseling for adults, children, and families regardless of where or how the person died.
  • F.R.O.G.S (Finding Real Options for Grief Support) a monthly support group for children ages 6-12. This group runs on an as-needed basis. https://becausekidsgrieve.org/
  • Printed resources, books, videos
  • Community presentations re: grief “Coping With the Holidays”
  • Memorial Events: Hospice Memorial Tree Service -in December. (see events page for date)

Caregiving Services:

Are you struggling with aging parents? Declining health, Poor judgment, Forgetfulness, Driving worries, Caregiving, Nutrition/medications? Are you stressed due to caregiving of a spouse or family member?

Are you wondering what to do, what to notice or what is an important change?

Do you live in Blaine County and a family member somewhere else who needs assistance? Are you considering bringing them here to live with you?

Is a family member coming for a visit that may need assistance during their stay? Caregivers or equipment?

These are just a few questions and situations that we confront everyday. Call for an appointment to discuss options, ideas, solutions and resources.

HPCWRV offers individual counseling and a support group for family members caring for a loved one at home or seeking support and guidance for aging parents, spouses or friends. Long-distance caregiving, facility caregiving, resources and ideas for self care are all included in our programs. We maintain a Private Caregivers List for those seeking to hire PCG’s

*Caregiver’s Support Group -First Thursday of each month – 11:00–12:15 AM~ Senior Connection, 721 3rd Ave S, Hailey

*Caregiver’s Support Group – Third Monday of each month – 4:00–5:30 PM~ Hospice Office, 507 1st Ave, N, Ketchum

Helpful links to other services and information:

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* National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)
* Compassionate Friends, Inc
* Caring Bridge
* Register your Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

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