What is Hospice? 
Hospice is a concept of care that values the whole person, fosters the quality of life and assures comfort, when cure of disease does not seem feasible.

Are you a religious organization? 
No. We support the belief system of each patient and their family. Many individuals describe themselves a “spiritual” as opposed to belonging to any organized religion. We respect that and help patients articulate what has meaning for them in their lives and how we can best support them at end-of-life. 

How much do your services cost? 
All services are provided FREE. Thanks to our many generous donors and our caring volunteers, we do not charge for any of our services…our hospice and palliative care, counseling, groups, our camp, our response to sudden/accidental deaths and educational presentations. 

Why aren’t you a Medicare Certified Hospice? 
HPCWRV has chosen to remain a free-standing, volunteer intensive hospice in order to give patients, their families and the medical community the greatest amount of flexibility and access to end-of-life care. HPCRWV is able to respond to and provide services for, our community needs, goals and priorities and to the people we serve. We are not limited by the restraints of being funded by Medicare. Our community has made a significant commitment to quality hospice and palliative care, bereavement services and caregiver support through its contributions to hospice. 

If you aren’t funded by Medicare or reviewed by their surveyors, how can the community be assured of the quality of services? 
HPCWRV follows the Hospice Standards of Care, complies closely with the Conditions of Participation, conducts patient/family surveys 1 month following completion of care and another family survey after a year of bereavement support, participates in the National Data Set that compares our hospice with national averages, like size hospices and other rural hospices. In each of these tools our hospice consistently meets or exceeds national and state averages. Our hospice was designated by the Idaho Business Review as a “Healthcare Hero” in 2008, is highlighted as a “model” in “Providing Hospice and Palliative Care in a Rural or Frontier Area” published by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the executive director was awarded “Lifetime Achievement” by the Idaho State Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in 2008 for her inspirational and visionary leadership in end-of-life care.

How can I get Hospice services? 
Your doctor may refer you for hospice or palliative care or you may call our office and request hospice or palliative care services. We would then call your doctor for the order to initiate services. Your care would be directed by and coordinated with your own physician. 

What can I expect from the services? 
You can expect a visit the same day, or a day and time of your choosing from a registered nurse to discuss with you and your family, your needs, goals and wishes for care. Our staff would visit where ever you are in Blaine County…at home, in the hospital, in a skilled nursing facility or residential care facility and as often as necessary to manage your pain or any unpleasant symptoms, help guide and support your family during this time of changing needs, provide emotional, spiritual and physical support, provide any equipment you may need to assist you, provide respite care for your family and/or companionship for you (4-6 hours/week), assist you with advance care planning, family dynamics and coordinate with the schools (if children are involved). Each patient and their family are unique. We will make every effort to tailor our care to honor your wishes and support your choices. You can be assured that the care will be delivered by competent and experienced staff, that the care will be of the highest quality and integrity and that it will be confidential. We are respected for our commitment to excellence.