March 8th: 3:30-5pm: Hospice and the Oscars. Hospice and Palliative Care is getting a lot of press these days and more media is exhibiting the importance of this work. So, once again we will be watching another film that got nominated for an Oscar with a discussion following. Feel free to dress the part of a red carpet experience or just join us for the popcorn.

March 30th 3:30-5pm: New Volunteer Graduate Celebration Gathering: Come celebrate over wine and cheese as we induct our recent graduates of the new HPCWRV spring volunteer class into our team. Introduce yourself to the new group and catch up with other veteran volunteers at this annual event that will take place at the conclusion of the final day of the volunteer training.

April 23rd 11-12:30: Suicide and Bereavement: Learn about the resources in the Wood River Valley to help with suicides and learn some of the warning signs. Suicide is often stigmatized, but this topic is gaining more focus in recent years in order to help prevent unnecessary deaths. Learn the effect suicide may have on grief process due to its sudden nature.

Monthly Scheduled Events

Caregiver's Support Group – First Tuesday of each month –
11:00–12:15 AM-or

Caregiver's Support Group – 3rd Monday of each month –
4:00–5:30 PM--Call for more information.

Other Scheduled Events

"Coping With the Holidays"-TBA 2018

Hospice Memorial Tree Lighting-December 9th, 2019 at 5:00 PM: Lighting and Dedication Ceremony of the Hospice Memorial Tree, located at the big spruce tree 320 Leadville Avenue, Ketchum. Please call the Hospice & Palliative Care of the Wood River Valley for information regarding a donation to light a bulb in memory of your loved ones who have died. 726-8464.

    A Poem About Our Memorial Tree: John Haskell

    There's a tree in our town
    We light every year
    To remember family
    And friends held dear

    People come for cookies
    And cider so sweet
    All ages and sizes
    Stand mute in the street

    A solemn voice
    Reads names that we know
    And names that we don't
    Our candles aglow

    Christmas is happy
    A time most blest
    Made happier still
    With our memories at rest

    Now we can face
    The tourist attack
    That means it is Christmas
    The end of slack

    There is snow on the mountain
    And smiles are secure
    We have paid attention
    To those we hold dear

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